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This section contains various robot building related resources. Currently these are Articles, Tutorials and FAQs.

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Directory of robot building related links and contact information for other robot building related resources.

Robot Builder Events
Robot related events - competitions, exhibitions, seminars, get-togethers, conferences. If it's robot related and you know the date, put it in the calendar and let everyone else know about it.

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New Events

There is no fee for entry - just turn up on the day.

Maze Solver, Wall-Follower, Time Trials, Mini-SUMO, Line Follower, Drag Race and Freestyle

Basic Stamp Educator's Course, University of Bath, England
(Wed 15th & Thurs 16th June 2011)

Active Robots offer a 2-Day residential BASIC Stamp Educator’s course held in association with Parallax, to introduce teachers to simple circuits, microcontroller programming, and robotics through hands-on instruction and labs.

TechFest events: UK Micromouse 2011, Wall Follower, Time Trials, Drag Race, Wall Follower, Line Follower, Mini-Sumo.

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KurzweilAI » News
Accelerating Intelligence

Low-cost 2D-printed ‘paper electronics’
Spooky alignment of quasar axes across billions of light-years with large-scale structure
Robotic walker helps patients regain natural gait and increases productivity of physiotherapists
China and ‘one or two others’ can shut US electric grids and other critical infrastructure, says NSA director
Georgia Tech professor proposes another alternative to the Turing test

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